I offer talks and workshops on a variety of genres for adult groups of all abilities.  All you need is an enthusiasm for art!

“Light in the Landscape” demonstrates ways to approach our rich local landscapes, primarily through the use of pastel and with an emphasis on achieving effects with light.

“Chinese Art” teaches basic brush techniques and composition where participants make a scroll or a traditional card for Chinese New Year

“Abstract Art” looks at ways to achieve successful statements through the use of mixed media, exploding a few myths on the way!
Chinese Art £80 per hour
(All materials and my travel inc.)
Abstract Art £80 per hour
(Some mixed media and travel inc.  I ask participants to bring a small canvas—these can be purchased quite cheaply—often in discount outlets.)
Light in the Landscape £70 per hour
(Includes travel, and paper, but I ask participants to bring their own pastels.)
Generally speaking, most groups prefer one to two hours as an evening session.

* Prices above are based on travel within Suffolk and are my total price for a group of up to twenty-five.


Lowestoft Art Group
Great Yarmouth Guild of Artists and Craftsmen


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